elcome to the new and improved  
    crap-isery of Johnny Craps! If you've 
    ever been to a casino you know craps 
is the most exciting game in the joint. 
    Chips flying, people yelling, and the 
    dice are rolling. This site will attempt 
    to entertain and educate you, and even 
    present a method that may help you 
    crack the bank.

   I fell in love with this exciting game while in
  Las Vegas for a TV conference back in 1995.
  As I walked the casino floors it looked like the
  hardest game in the joint
   I happened to be staying with my friend Stark's 
   "Uncle Billy" who worked in a casino and told us
   that craps was easy, fun, and had the best odds in
   town. Stark and I were hooked as I am sure you will
   be. Please enjoy the site and offer as much feedback
   as you can. This is a free site for you to enjoy.