I have the opportunity in conjunction with amazon.com to present to you my Top 5 "How To" books on craps. What better way to learn the game then by book? Purchase one as a gift! Amazon sends them out (Gift wrapping available) from their warehouse same day! To purchase one just click on the link.

Craps Books:

1.Conquer Casino Craps, Dutch Miller 
2.Beat the Craps out of the Casino, Frank Scoblete
3.Conquering Casino Craps, John Gollehon
4.So you Wanna be a Gambler, John Patrick
5.Craps for the Clueless, John Patrick

More Craps Books...


Craps Videos:

1. Craps for Beginners by John Patrick
2. Craps for Intermediates by John Patrick
3. Craps rolling to win