An Old Timer's Guide To Beating The Craps Table       

Snakes eyes, Little Joe, Jesse James, Boxcars: All part of the craps lingo. If you’re a shooter, you already know that this game can be a cruel, relentless mistress in any happy marriage. Somewhere in the world, there’s a guy pulling his hair out at a casino due to a bad run. But not every player need fall victim to the unremitting nature of this world famous dice game. Taking a lesson from the renowned Johnny, average players can elevate their craps game to a new level.

However, Johnny is ready to share his full method for an incredibly low fee of $25.

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Many years ago, I used to frequent Santa Anita and Hollywood Park, tossing around what little money I had, like confetti at a parade, on a game that I always erroneously thought could somehow be beat. It took me quite a while to realize that the old adage, "You can beat a race but you can't beat the races, is a truism of the first caliber.

Well, in a manner of speaking, I did win at the track. Big! I won by making friends with a gentleman I used to see at Santa Anita quite often. He wasn't a horse-player in the true sense of the word. He told me that he just came out to get some fresh air, soak up the sun, see his friends and place a few 5.00 bets just to have some horse to root for. He also stated he would, when the occasion arose, place a much larger bet on a tip he would have received from his friends in Las Vegas.

His main source of income was the Crap Tables of Las Vegas! Now, that was very interesting, and I really wanted to hear more. When I asked him about how he played the tables, he mentioned that one day he may divulge his method of play, but not right now. He was an older gentleman, in his mid-sixties, well-dressed and appeared to be financially secure and in excellent health. I, on the other hand, was in my mid-twenties, flitting from job to job, trying to find my niche in life. Although, I did drive a nice car, wore respectable clothes and tried to make a favorable impression wherever I went.

One day, along toward the end of the race meet, he invited me to join him and some of his friends for dinner at the Peppertree in Pasadena. By that time, I had become more and more friendly with him and had the feeling that he also knew me well enough to trust me. In fact, a few days before, he had given me the tip that he received from his friends in Vegas and it paid 42.40! That was the first good winner I'd had in a very long time.

The dinner went very well, his friends were very pleasant and it turned out to be an extremely enjoyable event. When the bill arrived, he took out a very hefty bankroll, peeled off a few bills, laid it on the table and we left. As we were waiting for our cars to be brought around, he turned to me and said he would like to see me the next day at the Santa Anita Clubhouse Dining Room at 11:30 for lunch. He went on to say he had something interesting to tell me, something that may change my lifestyle.

The next day, at lunch, after making me promise not to divulge what he was about to tell me, he proceeded to tell me about his life, how he came about to "discover" his fantastic method of making the crap tables his very own private cash registers. He also said that after he went to the big Casino in the sky, I could do what I wished with his method. He always went to Vegas on Sunday night, stayed until Tuesday night and then came back to L. A. to hit the tracks, visit his friends, soak up the sun and relax until the next Sunday. In the ensuing days and nights, he laid out the rules and regulations of just how his method was to be played. He was insistent that there be no deviations nor variations made. His method was tried and true and has provided him with a handsome living for the past many years and it was perfected. So, don't change it!

One day, he asked if I would like to accompany him over to the City of Bright Lights and watch the method in operation. Oh yes, I was ready. I had the play down pat and was anxious to try it. After we checked into the Union Plaza, we went down to the tables, bought 100.00 in chips each and started to play. I made the bets exactly as he had told me to. Now, I've played craps since I was old enough to hold the cubes, but I've never seen anything like this! Right out of the box, we started winning and kept it up!

After an hour, he said, "Let's pick 'em up and head for the cage." We cashed in 270.00 each! It doesn't require too many smarts to realize that was 170.00 profit each for one hours work/play! Such a deal! But, what about next time? Will it work every time? The test would soon come.

We went down the street to the Golden Nugget, each bought 100.00 in chips and started again. After an hour, again he said, "Time to pick 'em up." This time we cashed in 185.00 each! Not as much as the first time, but hey, what's wrong with a 85% return on investment for one hour? Well, to make a long story short, during the course of the trip, we played at 12 different Casinos and we each made a total profit of 2245.00! All of it came off our original investment of only 100.00! In only one Casino did we lose money. Then, it was only 23.00 apiece. If we had played a little longer, we would have certainly turned that loss into a winner. But, the number one rule of the method is to play one hour and one hour only, no matter what happens. Any alteration of the rules cannot be tolerated. On top of that, we ate at the best restaurants, sampled their finest wines and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Needless to say, I left town that Tuesday evening with the feeling that my life had taken a turn for the better and it certainly had!

We remained friends for the next 16 years. He had a wonderful funeral and the Chapel was filled to overflowing with all his friends. As far as I know, he never told anyone else about his 'method'. That was over 35 years ago, and I have never seen anyone play the 'method' at any crap table I've ever played. And, I go every week! Now, I'm in my sixties, and realize that one of these days, I'll be joining my friend at that big Casino in the Sky. So, I have decided to spread the wealth and divulge the secret of the method. I also feel that he would approve. If I didn't he would, I would take it with me, and you can make book on that.

So, I have written up instructions as to how the method is played, in simple terms that even a novice can understand. There is no doubt in my mind that any-one with these instructions can master it in one day and then commence to make just about any amount of money they wish. That is, if the rules are followed exactly! The Crap table is the only gaming device that you have some semblance of control over. Think about it; you control how much you bet, where you place your bet, when you bet and how long you bet. All that is done at the proper moment and the method will alert you to that moment.

You will have action at all times and it certainly will be winning action. This method can be yours for the small sum of 25.00. No handling or postage charge. If you would like to make the crap table your very own cash register, send for the method now.

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